Angel Number Band-Silver

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Stay connected with your guardian angel with the Angel Number Band. This elegant band is designed to serve as a supportive reminder throughout your day. 

000-Completion- One chapter ends and another begins

111-Intention-Trust your intuition.

222-Alignment-You will find balance.

333-Support-Your angels and the divine energy will assist you.

444-Protection-Face life with strength-you are on the right path.

555-Change-Energy moves-great things are on the horizon.

666-Reflection-Take some time sit and assess what is happening.

777-Luck-Embrace the goodness coming your way.

888-Abundance-Life is balanced and you are blessed.

999-Release-It is time for you to let go of what no longer serves you.

1111-Manifestation-High-vibrational energy surrounds.

*Handmade (soldered) with love!
*You may notice a slight color difference where pieces have been soldered, this is normal and does not affect the quality of your jewelry.
*nickel free
*sterling silver, hypoallergenic
(Please see sterling silver under jewelry care for more info on how to care for your MJ pieces)
*Process time:  7-10  business days plus shipping time.

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